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The event "Festival of Space," for entry completely free and open to all, has always set itself the primary objective of popularizing science through simple and direct forms. Then reach people directly and without too much formalism and mathematical laws. The event offers the novice and impassioned, a series of activities that range across the fields of science-themed space. All through a series of events that are prepared with care and attention many months before the event itself.



Every activity that the event offers, the best advisers and the most important personalities in the industry are engaged in. The scientific material of great importance, is made available thanks to the "Centro Astronomico Sidereus" which operates in the town of Salve (Lecce). The proposed activities of the Festival of space are:



Gallery Science
The Science Gallery is in an area where there may be opportunities for visitors, an approach to a series of scientific instruments they can touch and test. Also in the Science Gallery is prepared a series of scientific experiments in which the parties will benefit with our help. The scientific instruments will aim to participate in "first person" the visitor, it will be physically involved in the various experiments proposed to make an idea much more effective and lasting physical principle that the experiment that aims to highlight. Once again, this approach is "friendly" with which visitors can try their hand and then draw the maximum benefit obtained from it.



The experience in a planetarium can reproduce the night sky with all the stars, planets and other objects visible in the sky.
Moreover, the visit within this structure gives the feeling of being really under the starry night sky, but more is possible:
simulate the sky observable at the poles, the equator or any other terrestrial latitude;
simulate the movement of the heavens, the planets and the Moon on its background;
projecting the mythological figures that lend their names to various constellations, so as to make a lasting impression;
project the main systems of celestial coordinates for the rapid and efficient understanding of the functioning.

As described above, can not be observed under a real sky can be simulated within the Travelling Planetarium of the Astronomy Complex "Sidereus" directed by Lecci (www.sidereus.info).



The Planetarium is placed in the hall of the event and can be visited by anyone wishing to be fascinated by the sky and the mysteries of the starry sky. The facility can accommodate groups of 20-25 people at a time and duration of each simulation, which will be held by Lecci, can be completed in 20 minutes.

Planetarium Features:
The dome of the planetarium has a diameter of approximately 6x6 meters;
structure height is 3 meters;
within the structure will depend on a sound system independent;
Planetarium can accommodate groups of 20-25 people at a time.


Exhibition Hall

Inside the exhibition "Festival of Space" there is an area dedicated to exhibitions, from year to year, are prepared to allow people to see objects of great scientific value and of great cultural and popular significance. Exhibitions will be prepared to object travels in space, meteorites (basaltic Martian and lunar), models of NASA space shuttles, spacesuits, sundials and other material.

Exhibition Hall


The Organizing Committee, to meet public expectations and to convey greater scientific event invites people of great calibre. In the past we hosted celebrities as the astronaut Umberto Guidoni, former president of the Italian Space Agency Prof. Guerriero, the project manager of the space probe Mars Express PFS and researchers of the Gran Sasso.









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